Summer Camp Waiver and Consent Form

Jump Thru Hoops Privacy Policy: Personal information collected will be used and held solely by Jump Thru Hoops. Information is collected for the operation of the company which includes safety and emergency purposes, and for future correspondence with participants, which may include information about relevant upcoming events.

Conduct: Participants, are expected to demonstrate basic respect for the dignity and rights of others. The director reserves the right to implement an established process and/or suspend and/or terminate the stay of any participant, who violates the Code of Conduct based on the following guidelines: zero tolerance of physical or psychological abuse/bullying; lack of respect for company property and the property of others; behaviour that requires supervision beyond a reasonable level or behaviour deemed inappropriate by Jump Thru Hoops staff.

Media Waiver: I hereby authorize the inclusion of my child in Jump Thru Hoops photographs and video and understand that this media will be used on Jump Thru Hoops web-site, social media, and hosted photo galleries. Photos and videos may also be taken at any time for print or online promotional purposes but participants will not be identified. Concerns over this policy should be reported directly to Sheron Lau, Jump Thru Hoops’s President at

Medical Waiver: I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Jump Thru Hoops or anyone acting on its behalf, to acquire necessary medical aid that may be required as a result of any accident or injury sustained by my child. I hereby indemnify and save harmless Jump Thru Hoops from any and all actions, claims and demands for damages, loss or injury, however arising, which hereafter may have been sustained by my child while participating in the Jump Thru Hoops.

If information submitted on this form is false, Jump Thru Hoops has the right to remove the participant from the program.